Physical Activity Longitudinal Study (PALS)

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The Physical Activity Longitudinal Study (PALS) is the third wave of interviews conducted on a cohort of participants selected from the 1981 Canada Fitness Survey. PALS goals are to

  • better understand the evolution of patterns of involvement in physical activity in the Canadian population over a 20-year period and
  • find out how social and environmental supports are associated with physical activity and the long-term health outcomes of various lifestyle choices.


Subjects. We have asked persons who participated in either the 1981 or the 1988 surveys to participate in the current survey. Their offspring who may not have been old enough to participate in 1981 or 1988 will also be asked to participate. Telephone contact is being made ahead of data collection to confirm the current address of participants.

Topics covered. The PALS investigated participation in physical activity, as well as social and the availability of environmental supports for physical activity involvement. Other lifestyle behaviours and general health and demographic questions were also asked.

Collection method.  Data was collected via self-completed questionnaires. The first wave of data was conducted in 1981 as part of the Canada Fitness Survey. The second wave was conducted in 1988 and is better known as the 1988 Campbell Survey on Well-Being in Canada.  The third phase, which was carried out over an 18-month period spanning late 2002 to early 2004.

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