2020-2021 Impact of COVID-19 on Physical Activity and Sport Survey

The Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute conducted two waves of its Impact of COVID-19 on Physical Activity survey in November-December of 2020 and then again in March 2021. The survey asked about current physical activity and sport participation, and how it relates to their pre-pandemic activity regime. This series of bulletins combine Canadian national survey data with other research to examine the available information with regards to the impact of COVID-19 on physical activity.


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of adults report participating in ‘somewhat or much more’ physical activity in their local neighborhood, now compared to the pre-pandemic period

The CFLRI is currently conducting a study of physical activity opportunities in Canadian schools. If you have received an invitation to participate in this and have any questions regarding the study please contact us at research_recherche@cflri.ca. Thank you for your participation!