Bulletin 13: Valuing Sport in Canada

2011-2012 Sport Monitor (Adult focus),

March 31, 2014

Sport can be perceived as important to individuals for a variety of reasons, such as for health and well-being, skill development, contributing to family and social life, feeling like part of the family, and so on. The 2011-2012 Sport Monitor explores Canadians’ perceptions about the importance of these various reasons. The bulletin examines the importance of sport overall, in terms of an individual-level contribution (i.e., experiences from an individual perspective), and in terms of a social-level contribution (i.e., interactions with others).





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Please be advised that the deadline for study of Physical Activity Opportunities in Canadian Workplaces has been extended to July 30. If you have received an invitation to participate in this and have any questions regarding the study please contact us at research_recherche@cflri.ca. Thank you for your participation!