Section 4: Fitness opportunities

2006 Physical Activity Monitor (Workplace),

November 5, 2007

This section looks at sports teams and physical activity clubs, offering on site facilities and nearby places, programming, and fitness testing along with amenities such as the provision of showers, change rooms, bicycle racks, and stairs, and the management of and access to fitness opportunities by age and sex, region, education and household income levels, marital status, community size, physical activity levels, and by employment characteristics such as the type of work, employment sector, and company size.  
List of topics:

  •     Stair climbing at work    
  •     Occasional opportunities at work    
  •     Opportunities for physical activity near work    
  •     Fitness facilities at work    
  •     Amenities at work to support activity    
  •     Fitness programs at work    
  •     Fitness instruction or counselling at work    
  •     Management of facilities and programs    
  •     Who can access facilities?    
  •     When fitness facilities can be used