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Measuring Impact

We are thrilled to share groundbreaking research conducted by the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute (CFLRI) and the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA), in conjunction with Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. The research report, titled “The Price of Inactivity: Measuring the Powerful Impact of Sport, Physical Activity, and Recreation in Canada” delves into the profound and multifaceted contributions of the sport, physical activity, and recreation (SPAR) sector to our communities and nation. We encourage you to explore the full report at, where you will also find infographics and downloadable social media assets.

This report not only underscores the substantial positive impact of SPAR but also provides tangible data that can be utilized to inform policy, drive engagement, and advocate for increased support and investment in the sector. The insights presented in this report have the potential to shape the future of sport, physical activity and recreation in Canada, guiding strategic planning, resource allocation, and advocacy efforts. We hope that you find this information as valuable and inspiring as we have.