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Custom Data Tables

This unique feature allows users to gain access to current data related to physical activity and sport in a customized table format. Where available, data may be examined by age, gender, region/province and some household and community factors. Need to create graphs or figures? Simply download/export the data table(s) into excel with the click of a button and create your own graphics.[1]

  • [1] Refer to ‘usage restrictions’ and ‘copyright’ in the  terms and conditions for use of data and proper citation.

Disclaimer: CFLRI strives to provide accurate, credible information within its products. The customized data tables, charts, and bulletins are provided on an as-is basis. CFLRI makes no warranty either written or implied, and is not liable for any damages from the use of this material.


The CFLRI recognizes the importance of understanding the varying physical activity and sport experiences of individuals to determine if available opportunities meet the needs of all Canadians. To this end, the CFLRI is committed to highlighting the physical activity, sport and recreation experiences of specific populations (e.g., women, older adults, and persons with a disability) living in Canada. Download specific population data here.

Population Studies

The CFLRI monitors changes in rates of physical activity and sport participation among the Canadian population. This is achieved through the Physical Activity and Sport Monitoring Program. Use the custom data table feature to gain access to the most recent population-level data.

Available Data Tables


Settings-Based Studies

Every five years or so the CFLRI undertakes a variety of studies to examine policies, practices, and opportunities in support of physical activity and sport participation of Canadians in key settings such as; municipalities, schools, and in workplaces. Data from these studies provide a unique illustration of opportunities available for Canadians as a whole and among specific sub-groups (e.g., students, employees). Explore the data table feature to gain access to data from surveys of key settings.

Available Data Tables