Participation in sport has many physical, social and economic benefits. There are a number of individual and environmental factors that are known to affect participation in sport such as age, gender, region, household income and education level. According to the Institute’s most recently published Physical Activity Monitor (2016-2018), about one-quarter of Canadian adults report participating in sport [1]. According to our most current data, looking at sport participation among children and youth, approximately 75% of 5 to 17 year olds participated in sport in 2010-2011[2]. A more in depth look into sport participation and associated factors is available by selecting ‘adults’ or ‘children’.


Adults  Children and Youth

[1] Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute. Bulletin 1: Sport Participation in Canada. 2016-2018 Physical Activity Monitor. 2018. Available here.

[2] Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute. Bulletin 1: Participation in sport among children and youth. 2013. Available here.


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of Canadian children and youth between the ages of 5 and 19, participate in organized physical activity and sport.

Facts and Figures

Sport participation by gender

In 2016-2018, a gender difference was noted, whereby significantly more men than women reported participating in sport (34% vs. 16% respectively). This gender difference has generally persisted over time. A more detailed description of the findings may be found here.


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