How to use the Advanced Searching and Filtering feature:

Example: You wish to obtain the sport participation rate for a certain population (i.e. adults) for your region (i.e. Ontario).

Steps to follow:

Step 1. Click on ‘Advanced Searching and Filtering’ located on the Research and Publications page.

step 1

Step 2. Type or select a topic in ‘Key Research Areas’ (e.g., sport participation).

step 2

Step 3. Select a ‘Region’ (e.g., Ontario).

Step 4: Select a ‘Population’ (e.g., adults)

step 3

Results matching your search criteria can be found in the results section. Please note that in some instances regional data may be obtained within a single national publication in other cases individual publications may be available. Check back often as more jurisdictional data will soon become available.

step 4

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