The work of the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute is accomplished thanks to its dedicated staff.

Institute staff
Dr. Christine Cameron - President
Makda H. Araia - Research Manager
Support Services and volunteers

The CFLRI receives input and policy direction from a Board of Directors, composed of prominent researchers and practitioners in the fields of policy, public health, physical activity, sport, and recreation. In addition, the CFLRI receives input into its research and knowledge translation from Affiliated Scholars.

Board members
Christa Costas Bradstreet,Chair
Dr. John Spence
Dr. Art Salmon
Nancy Dubois
Dr. Jennifer Robertson
Crystal Watson

Institute affiliates and staff
Dr. Adrian Bauman - International Scholar
Dr. Catrine Tudor-Locke - Adjunct Scholar
Ms. Cora-Lynn Craig- Scientist Emeritus




The CFLRI is currently conducting a study of physical activity opportunities in Canadian schools. If you have received an invitation to participate in this and have any questions regarding the study please contact us at Thank you for your participation!