Bulletin 05: Barriers to participation in activity

2007 Opportunities for Physical Activity at Work Study,

February 10, 2009

Barriers to participation in physical activity are perceived hindrances or impediments that prevent a person from being more active or prevent the existence or expansion of physical activity opportunities. The 2007-08 Opportunities for Physical Activity at Work Survey explores perceptions of barriers that appear in Canadian workplaces, such as those pertaining to the environment, personnel, information, and financial support.



Key Research Area(s)

Barriers, Workplaces


Adults, Employer



Publication Type

Reports and Publications

Data Collection Method(s)

Administrator-reported key settings data

Please be advised that the deadline for study of Physical Activity Opportunities in Canadian Workplaces has been extended to July 30. If you have received an invitation to participate in this and have any questions regarding the study please contact us at research_recherche@cflri.ca. Thank you for your participation!